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Innovative products designed in Sweden. Sold world wide.

Home Office and Home Schooling Seletion

We have seleced a few of our products that we think could make home schooling and your home office a bit more enjoyable.


Apple Watch Charging Stand

An Apple Watch charging stand that turns your watch into a night clock. Each Apple Watch stand is made of one solid piece of natural material enhanced by a clean tetraedic shape.  The Apple Watch stand is offered in solid cast iron, walnut or olive wood. A charger and alarm clock by night. A sculptural element by day.


Lap Tray

The walnut Laptray is the latest version of the Bosign Laptray. It combines the natural look and feel of the classic walnut wood with the anti-slip properties of the state of the art surface treatment. The gray melange fabric together with the beautifully grained walnut wood gives the Laptray a contemporary look with a twist of a classic interior from the 1950s. A trusted and practical companion for bed, couch and armchair in a new style that will enhance both traditional and modern interiors.


Standing Butter Knife

Spreader Knife Air, Bosign's award winning self standing butter knife, is a minimalistic and functional spreader knife. Ideal for spreading butter, jams, soft cheeses and dips. The innovative handle holds the spreader blade raised off the surface to help minimize the mess on tables, kitchen counter tops, table cloths or place mats during use.


Cable Box

Hideaway Cable Organizer is a cable box that hides all cables and cords conveniently both at home and in your office. With several size options, your electronic accessories can be easily gathered for fast access when you need to connect or unplug your gadgets.


Makeup Mirror

Bosign's detachable makeup mirror is based on Bosign's innovative magnet mount that makes the makeup mirror easy to both adjust and detach. With its magnifying capacity and its ease of use, the makeup mirror is the perfect bathroom companion when it comes to applying makeup, trimming facial hair or putting in your contact lenses. Adjust the makeup mirror to the right angle and leave it mounted on the wall or bring the makeup mirror with you to another room in your home or when traveling.


Dish Soap Dispenser

The sustainable dish soap dispenser from Bosign is designed to deliver just the right amount of soap on your sponge or brush to save money and the environment. Most let the dishing machine do the heavy duty when it comes to cleaning the dishes, but sometimes you just want to quickly clean a few things. This is where the dish soap dispenser from Bosign comes in handy. It can be kept by the sink without cluttering the kitchen and be there to dispense soap by just a push on the lid with the sponge or brush. When you are done dishing the dish soap dispenser serves as a tray for the sponge.


Soap Saver

Say goodbye to mushy soaps and hello to the soap saver from Bosign. Bosign's Soap Saver Flow effortlessly integrates the ability to let water flow down into the sink and a timeless natural shape. The whole internal shape of the soap saver is leading the water towards the runoff spout and draining the soap saver of water. The self-draining properties of the soap saver is only hinted in the main shape but perfectly obvious when the shape opens up in the runoff spout.


iPad stand

Bosign’s awarded iPad stand for the kitchen in solid silicon is a versatile and portable iPad stand for the the home. The iPad stand holds your iPad in the kitchen when following online recipes. Your iPad can be placed either standing or lying down. However you position it, the iPad stand's soft and non-slip surface ensures it will rest securely on top without sliding off.


Laptop Pillow

Surfpillow, the original laptop pillow, is a laptop cooler that protects both you and your laptop from overheating and provides a stable lap desk for laptop use. Through its patented combination of a number of silicone-coated bumps on a soft pillow, a cooling air slit between the laptop and pillow is created, without compromising the soft quality of the laptop cooler.


Travelpillow with iPad Support

Do you travel with your iPad? Then Bosign's Kneck Pillow could be for you, as it combines a neck pillow with an iPad pillow. When not in use for resting on a long trip, you can easily adjust it for your iPad after a nice power nap.


Wall Hooks

Bosign has a wide range of wall-mounted hooks, from clean contemporary designs, to natural-looking branches in many colours and sizes, to moose heads in cast metal.


Inflatable Foot Bath

Revive tired achy feet with a soak in Bosign's unique Inflatable Foot Bath. With specially designed soft pads in the bottom to make it extra comfortable, the air inside the actual walls of the foot bath both insulate and store the heat for longer. Unlike other foot baths on the market that are made of hard plastic, Bosign's foot bath is made from recycled soft plastic, so much kinder to both legs and feet, and after use it easily deflates for storage.


Cedar Blocks on a String

Bosign’s multi purpose Cedar String Blocks contains of 10 cedar wood blocks that can be used together or one by one. With its versatility Cedar String protects and preserves clothing and other belongings from unwanted smells. These blocks are easy to use and helps keeping a fresh wooden aroma in your linen cabinets, suitcases and other storages of your home. The natural aromas of Cedar String Blocks will last for years and infuse freshness into shoes, gym bags, pockets and luggages.


About Bosign

Bosign has supplied interiors around the globe with thoughtful design solutions since 1995. We combine modern Scandinavian detail and lasting functionality with unexpected twists to bring you lifestyle products that make even the most everyday activities an enjoyable experience.

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