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Innovative Products for Comfortable Home Office and Home Schooling

Create a comfy workspace at home for home schooling or work.

We have selected a number of innovative Bosign products to make your home office more comfortable.

Comfortable Lap Tray for Work and Study

A solid bean bag creates a stable platform for plates, glasses and laptops in bed and on the couch. Made for a contemporary lifestyle with both laptops and traditional laptray usage in mind.


Relax with our Super Stable Laptop Pillow

A laptop cooler that protects both you and your laptop from overheating and provides a stable lap desk for laptop use. Through its patented combination of a number of silicone-coated bumps on a soft pillow, a cooling air slit between the laptop and pillow is created, without compromising the soft quality of the Laptop Pillow.


Kick back with the Tablet Pillow

You can adjust Tabletpillow so that it always has the best possible angle, no matter what position you are in. Tabletpillow's well-thought-out design makes your tablet experience functional and comfortable.


Practical iPad Stand for Recipes, Movies or Work

Bosign’s awarded iPad stand in solid silicon is a versatile and portable iPad stand for the home office. Your iPad can be placed either standing or lying down. However you position it, the iPad stand's soft and non-slip surface ensures it will rest securely on top without sliding off.


Hide your cables Scandinavian Style

Hideaway Cable Organizer is a cable box that hides all cables and cords conveniently both at home and in your office. With several size options, your electronic accessories can be easily gathered for fast access when you need to connect or unplug your gadgets.


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