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Apple Watch Charging Stand

Tetra Night Stand

Made of one solid piece of material.

Sculpture by day.

Charger by night.

Charging Stand in Solid Walnut Wood

The stand is made in one solid piece of walnut wood augmented by the clean shape of the tetrahedron. The Apple Watch stand is also offered in solid cast iron or olive wood.

Each Tetra is sculpted by a computer controlled milling machine from a solid block of Walnut wood. After milling the stand is sanded by hand and then given a protective oil finishing. The result is sustainable product in solid wood that works as charging stand for all modells of Apple Watch. When not used as charger it's just a clean decorative element sitting there waiting to charge an Apple Watch.


Tetra Oliv

Olive wood is a slow growing type of wood and in most cases a by-product of olive framing. When an olive tree stops giving fruit the tree trunk is full of knots and with a lively variation in colour and grains. This gives olive wood lots of character and makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. Not only has olive wood great mechanical properties but it has also a natural place in a greater ecologic system of food and ancient agriculture. A charging stand in olive tree is sustainable in so many ways.


0.8 kg of Solid Cast Iron

The massive weight of almost a kilogram of cast iron gives, toghether with the raw surface, the Tetra Iron a solid and almost brutal feeling. Casting iron results in a structured surface that after grinding is treated with a protective oxidised layer. The result is a solid charging stand for all Apple Watch models on the market.