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Terms and conditions

All Bosign products are guaranteed against all material and manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase.

International Delivery
Bosign ship to most destinations. For a full list of destinations with prices, see below.

Prices for International Deliviery
Destination Charges in (EUR)  Time (working days)
Åland 13,95 4-7
Andorra 19,50 7-14
Australia 49,95 7-14
Austria 14,95 4-7
Belarus 49,95 7-14
Belgium 14,95 4-7
Bosnia and Herzegovina 14,95 7-14
Bulgaria 14,95 4-7
Canada 39,95 4-7
Chile 49,95 7-14
China 29,95 7-14
Croatia 14,95 4-7
Cyprus 29,95 7-14
Denmark 13,95 7-14
Estonia 14,95 4-7
Finland 14,95 4-7
France 14,95 4-7
Germany 13,95 4-7
Gibraltar 29,95 7-14
Greece 29,95 4-7
Hong Kong 39,95 7-14
Hungary 14,95 4-7
Iceland 29,95 4-7
India 49,95 7-14
Indonesia 49,95 7-14
Iraq 59,95 7-14
Ireland 14,95 4-7
Israel 39,95 7-14
Italy 14,95 4-7
Japan 49,95 7-14
Jordan 59,95 7-14
Kazakhstan 59,95 7-14
Kenya 59,95 7-14
Korea South 49,95 7-14
Kuwait 59,95 7-14
Latvia 39,95 4-7
Liechtenstein 39,95 7-14
Lithuania 14,95 4-7
Luxemburg 14,95 4-7
Macau 49,95 4-7
Malaysia 59,95 7-14
Malta 29,95 4-7
Netherlands 14,95 4-7
New Caledonia 69,95 7-14
New Zealand 59,95 7-14
Nigeria 59,95 7-14
Norway 14,95 7-14
Oman 59,95 7-14
Panama 39,95 7-14
Peoples Republic of China 39,95 7-14
Poland 14,95 4-7
Portugal 14,95 4-7
Puerto Rico 49,95 7-14
Qatar 49,95 7-14
Romania 14,95 4-7
Serbia 14,95 4-7
Singapore 49,95 7-14
Slovakia 14,95 4-7
Slovenia 14,95 4-7
South Africa 59,95 7-14
Spain 14,95 4-7
Sri Lanka 59,95 7-14
Sweden 11,95 2-3
Switzerland 14,95 7-14
Taiwan 49,95 7-14
Thailand 49,95 7-14
Turkey 49,95 7-14
Ukraine 49,95 7-14
United Arab Emirates 49,95 7-14
United Kingdom 19,95 7-14
United States of America 34,95 4-7
Uruguay 49,95 7-14

Your products will be in most cases sent directly to your home address by mail. Larger shipments have to be collected at your local post-office. Parcels sent with UPS will be delivered directly to the stated shipping address during daytime. Three delivery attempts will be made. When receiving the shipping information mail, please advice if you want to make other arrangements. Bosign can use different suppliers when delivering products depending on destination and kind of product.

Non Picked Up Goods

If we receive packages that have not been collected at the post office, we reserve the right to charge you for all our costs that appear when handling your order and shipment; currently € 10.


  • Currently we offer credit/debit card payments with a VISA or MasterCard symbol.
  • All transactions are encrypted for your safety*.
  • * For more information about card purchases please read about our Safty & Security and 3d Secure.

    Credit/debit cards

    Prices for Delivery within the European Union

    Prices apply which are displayed on the webpage at the time of ordering. All prices at Bosign are gross prices including Swedish VAT, which is generally 25%. The total price includes the price for the products and possibly shipping fees. The total price is visible at the checkout-page before confirming the order. For logged in partners and cooperations with a valid VAT number the website is VAT/Sales taxes excluded. We deliver only to the address where the company is registered.

    Prices for Delivery outside of the European Union

    If your delivery address is outside the European Union, the prices on our website is VAT/Sales taxes excluded and is visible at the checkout-page before confirming the order. You pay applicable import taxes and customs fee according to your country’s policy when your order is delivered. You may also be charged an administrative fee by the shipping company. The prices are presented in EURO. For logged in partners and cooperations with a valid VAT number the website is VAT/Sales taxes excluded.


    Returning a Product

    You can always cancel your order before receiving a product. Your cancellation must be written in form of an e-mail covering order details. Bosign comply with the Swedish Konsumentköplagen, and the European Union E-commerce directive which means that you can, in a period of 14 days, return an item if you are not completely satisfied. In addition to this, we offer another 14 days, in total 28 days to return an item. When returning any item, they have to have been kept in reasonable condition prior to their return. In particular, this means the item(s) must not have been damaged, soiled, washed, altered and that any labels or tags are still intact. To take advantage of our returns guarantee, simply return the item to us in good condition within 28 days of receipt.

    Contact [email protected] for further instructions before returning the products. The price of the products, shipping costs deducted, will be refunded within 20 days from the day that the product is delivered to Bosign.

    If you use your right to return a product, the shipping costs, custom and handling fees will be paid by you. If a product is specially made, or in any way changed according to your instructions, you will only be able to change your order within 14 days from the day we confirm your order by e-mail. If you need more information regarding returns, please contact customer service [email protected].

    Safety & Security

    Credit and Debit Cards

    For card purchases we work with an authorized payment agent that helps us to check directly with your bank that the card is valid for purchases. Our payment agent processes your card details in the correct way according to the international security standard PCI DSS, which was developed by the card companies VISA and MasterCard. This means that your card details are processed with a very high level of security*. When you pay by card we reserve the right to carry out an identity check. For more information about card purchases please read about 3d Secure.

    We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a protocol for secure data transmission over the Internet (or other networks). The company Netscape Communications has created and developed SSL - the protocol that now has become the industry standard.

    A protocol is a set of rules and procedures on how information (data) should be treated. SSL protocol processes the data through a encryption process. This is done to make the data unreadable during transmission between the two computers. When data is received by the recipient SSL, "puts together" the data in its original order, and checks so that the sender is correct (Server Authentication) and verifies that the data hasn't been altered in transit (message integrity).

    SSL uses digital certificates to verify the sender, recipient or both sender and receiver of data transfer. A digital certificate is the "tool" used to associate the data with an individual or organization to a so-called "public key" with two purposes

    All SSL certificates for internet use are handled by companies that are certified as certificate creators. This means that all SSL certificates are unique and correctly made. All applicants for the SSL certificate have to prove their identity to be able to buy an SSL certificate.

    For consumers the only requirement to use SSL is that their browser can handle SSL, which the two most widely used web browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox have been able to do for a long time. It also requires that SSL is not turned off on your browser settings.

    If you have any questions regarding any of these terms please contact the customer service team via email, under contact us.


    Like many other commercial websites, Bosign uses the technology known as “cookies” in order to collect information of the way you use our website and to ensure that your experience is a pleasant one. Our cookies do not disclose or contain any personal information. Cookies cannot read information from your computer or interact with other cookies on your hard drive. However, cookies enable us to recognize you if you visit our website again at a later date.

    If you do not want your browser to accept cookies, you can change the applicable setting in your browser. Disabling cookies may prevent the website from working properly. You may not be able to use all the options or access all of the information offered on this website.

    Privacy Policy

    Personal Information / Uses

    Protection of your personal information is extremely important to Bosign. The decision whether to supply us with this information or not - e.g. during registration, a survey, etc. - rests solely with you. While this information is relevant to your requests, it is provided to us by you on a voluntary basis.

    For some business processes (e.g. sending out packages), personal information must be passed on to third parties (e.g. the postal service, shipping company).

    We will not trade your personal information to third parties or market it in any other way!

    Initially, we only store and process your personal information to the extent required to fulfill our existing contractual and legal obligations to you. To the extent that we want to use your personal information for other purposes, for example in order to inform you about current Bosign promotions, we will obtain your express consent in advance. You may revoke your consent at any time without following a particular form.

    Bosign takes reasonable precautions to guarantee the security of your personal information. Your information is conscientiously protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, and dissemination. In order to safeguard customer information collected by us, such information is on servers that use encryption against unauthorized access as well as being protected by passwords and firewalls.

    While Bosign makes every reasonable effort to provide you with a secure environment for the conclusion of a contract according to the current state of technology, the absolute security of your information cannot be guaranteed. We ask you to take all possible precautions to protect your personal information on the internet. At a minimum, we encourage you to change your passwords regularly, select a combination of letters and numbers, and ensure that you use a secure browser when you surf the internet.

    Use of the Web Site


    If there are colour differences between the colours shown on the website on your computer and the actual colours of the items, this may be due to the colour reproduction on your computer.


    The bosign.se and en.bosign.se website may include links to other websites which don't fall under our supervision. We cannot accept any responsibility for the protection of the privacy or the content of these websites, but we offer these links to make it easier for our visitors to find more information about specific subjects.

    Fraud and bogus orders
    We cooperate with the Police and report all bogus orders or fraudulent activities. Bosign provides all the available information to help the Police with their investigation.

    In any eventual despute
    In any eventual dispute, we adopt the recommendations of the European Consumer Centers.

    Force Majeure
    Bosign considers itself to be exempt from neglect in failing to fulfil certain obligations according to this agreement if the neglect is due to the exceptional circumstances stated below. This also applies if the factor prevents, hampers or delays fulfilment of these obligations.

    Exceptional circumstances are, amongst other things, action or failure by an authority, new or amended legislation, conflict in the employment market, blockade, fire, flooding, sabotage or major accident. Force majeure also includes a decision made by an authority that affects the market and products negatively, for example decisions regarding warning labels, bans on sales etc. or an abnormal decline in the market.

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