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Surfpillow Hitech for laptop Black / Black, Polyester
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Surfpillow Hitech for laptop Black / Black. Polyester

Surfpillow is the laptop pillow for everyone who likes to surf and work comfortably from the couch, bed or armchair.
Surfpillow Hitech is a shapeable laptop pillow in polyester. The top and bottom of the laptop pillow have anti-slip surface bumps. This makes the computer rest securely on the pillow and the pillow rests securely on your lap. The Surfpillow design prevents the lap and computer from overheating. The arched anti-slip bumps on top of the pillow creates a heat dispersing air slit between the computer and pillow.

• Shapeable soft bean bag cushion - comfortable surfing
• The air slit prevents overheating of lap and computer
• Longer battery life since the air slit cools the computer
• The computer rests securely against the anti-slip surface of the pillow
• Washable pillow cover
• Surfpillow is a patented invention from Bosign

The pillow takes up little space and can be easily stored on the couch, armchair or in bed when not in use. The laptop pillow fits laptop sizes of 9-17 inches and comes in several color combinations. The pillow cover is made of durable polyester and can be removed and washed by hand.


Colour: Black/Black
Length: 37 cm
Width: 27 cm
Depth: 27 cm
Height: 6 cm
Quantity in box: 1 st
Weight per box: 0,450 kg
Material: Polyester
Material 2: Silicone
Quantity in Retail Pack: 6
Design: Harald Hynell, Amelia Chong

Care instructions

Care instructions

The pillow cover can be removed and washed. Hand wash.