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Cedar String Blocks™ (10 pcs) Aromatic fresheners for your storage, White Cedar wood
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Cedar String Blocks™ (10 pcs). Aromatic fresheners for your storage. Cedar wood (white)

Bosign’s multi purpose Cedar String Blocks™ contains of 10 cedar wood blocks that can be used together or one by one. With its versatility Cedar String protects and preserves clothing and other belongings from unwanted smells. These blocks are easy to use and helps keeping a fresh wooden aroma in your linen cabinets, suitcases and other storages of your home. The natural aromas of Cedar String Blocks™ will last for years and infuse freshness into shoes, gym bags, pockets and luggages.

• Reduces moisture and protects against odor
• Deodorises unpleasant smell
• Refreshing cedar wood aroma
• Easy detachable/removable blocks - use one or several blocks
• Compact size fits in any small space
• Fits all standard hangers - use string or blocks separate
• Multi purpose solution
• Slip on hangers, toss in drawers, garment bags, storage boxes, closets, linen cabinets, suitcases and luggage
• Keep seasonally stored garments in good shape for next year
• 100% natural cedar wood (white cedar)
• Free from chemicals

Slip a cedar block from Cedar String over your hangers or place them in the drawers, the compact size of these small cedar blocks are perfect for use in any corner of your home. Bosigns Cedar String absorbs moisture in the air which keeps your clothes free from any unpleasant smells.

Put blocks into pockets, boots, drawers, or storage boxes to for refreshing forest aromas that naturally discourage odor and other unpleasant affairs. Leave a few in your storage boxes to keep out-of-season garments in good shape for next year.

Cedar blocks eventually stops releasing its aromatic oils after a few years. It is quick and easy to refresh cedar blocks. To renew the potency of your Cedar blocks gently sand the surface with fine sandpaper. Follow the cedar block's natural grain lines and only sand until the brown layer of wood disappears. Keep clean using a slightly damp cloth.

Contains no added chemicals and is made from non-endangered wood species.

Each pack includes a total of 10 cedar blocks.


Colour: White Cedar Wood
Length: 3 cm
Width: 3 cm
Depth: 1,5 cm
Height: 3 cm
Quantity in box: 1 set
Weight per box: 0,080 kg
Material: White cedar wood
Quantity in Retail Pack: 12

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