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Silicone Soap Saver Dish. Round Hidden Draining Spout Soap Saver Flow PLUS White Keeping Soap Bar Extra Dry.
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Silicone Soap Saver Flow PLUS. Round. Hidden runoff spout. White

Soap Saver Flow Plus has a unique design enabling a more sustainable lifestyle. The soap tray's unique self draining design keeps soap bars fresh and makes the soap bar an attractive alternative to liquid soap. By using soap bars instead of liquid in plastic containers, a lot of plastic, space and transport can be saved.

• Extra dry design, no more mushy soap
• Extends the longevity of the soap bar, saves money and the environment
• Accommodates a full-size bar of soap
• Durable nonbreakable design in 100 % high quality recyclable silicone. No plastic
• Stable non-slip design
• Easy to clean
• Soap Bar Holder for bathroom, kitchen

Soap Saver Flow Plus has a clever design uniting form and function in a unique soap saver that allows the soap bar to drain and quickly dry but also constitutes a decorative accessory for bathroom and kitchen.

The Soap dish offers a design featuring minimalistic and clean lines complimenting the interior designs of bathrooms and kitchens.

Soap Saver Flow Plus' innovative design consists of two parts. The top part, where the soap is resting, is a dish with a narrow opening to drain excess water and to ventilate the soap. The bottom part is a dish that collects the water and channels it out through a spout on the side. Made for countertops in bathrooms or kitchens.

In 2007 Bosign introduced its first innovative self-draining soap saver and established a whole new category of soap savers. 15 years later, and after c:a 200.000 sold soap savers, Bosign is introducing the next step in the evolution of soap savers: Soap Saver Flow Plus.


Colour: White
Length: 12 cm
Width: 12 cm
Height: 3,5 cm
Quantity in box: 1 pcs
Quantity in Retail Pack: 10 pcs
Material: Silicone
Design: Harald Hynell, Jonathan Maltz

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