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Detachable Make-up Mirror X10 AirMirror™PLUS White. Hidden suction cup fitting. Magnetic fastener (Ø 16.5 cm)
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Detachable Make-up Mirror X10. AirMirror™ Plus. (Ø 16.5 cm Hidden suction cup fitting. White.

Bosign's detachable AirMirror™ Plus is a larger version of the successful AirMirror™. With the same magnifying capacity but with a larger mirror makes it an even better tool for applying make-up, tweezing eyebrows or putting in contact lenses.
AirMirror™ is super easy to adjust and detach. The mirror fastens easy on the magnet steel dome. The magnet makes it easy to detach and bring to a spot with better light. Thanks to the magnet AirMirror™ can be used handheld and re-positioned as many times as you need to. The innovative design with a spherical mount allows you to swivel the mirror in all directions to the desired angle.

• Detachable for a clear and comfortable close up view
• Large facial view
• Swivels to any angle needed
• No tools needed. Mounts with a strong suction cup, no screw needed
• Sharp close up view with high quality optical mirror
• Bring to where the lighting is good in your home
• Grip friendly silicone rim

The mirror has a combined fastener with suction cup and magnet. The mirror is fastened with a strong suction cup, which stays put on all smooth surfaces such as tile, glass, plastic or metal. The magnet then fastens against the suction cup securing it further.

The mirror is easy to fix in place with absolutely no screws or DIY required, which means it can be removed and re-positioned as many times as you need to.

The back and edge of the mirror is made of a soft silicone that is easy to grip and wipe clean with a damp cloth. The silicone also protects the mirror from breaking if it is dropped.


Colour: White
Depth: 3 cm
Diameter: 16,5 cm
Quantity in box: 1 pcs
Weight per box: 0,350 kg
Quantity in Retail Pack: 6 pcs
Material: Glas
Material 2: Silicone
Design: Jonathan Maltz

Care instructions

Care instructions

Clean the mirror glass with a cloth moistened with water. Dry with a dry cloth.

Products with suction cup fasteners can be fastened on smooth surfaces such as tile, glass, plastic or metal.

We recommend that before fastening, you clean both suction cup and surface thoroughly with hot water or oil-free cleaning solution.

Dry both surfaces. Try to avoid fingerprints on the clean and dry surfaces.

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