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Apple Watch Charging Station. Tetra Nightstand Solid Olive wood,
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Bosign Apple Watch Charging Station - Tetra Nightstand Solid Olive Wood

Bosign's exclusive Apple Watch Charging Station turns your Apple Watch into a night clock while charging it by your bedside.
Each charging station is made in one solid piece of natural material aesthetically enhanced by the clean tetraedic shape of the stand.

This beautiful Tetra Nightstand in richly grained solid olive wood stands on your bedside table like a sculptural element by day and as a charger and alarm clock by night.

The organic variation of colour and surface structure of the material makes the Tetra Nightstand a great design combination with the sleek design of the Apple Watch.
The simplistic design with the emphasised qualities of the material has the potential to make a sophisticated addition to any interior design.

• Turns an Apple Watch into a night clock while charging
• Exclusive design in genuine solid olive wood
• Beautiful interior detail to any home
• Perfect gift for Apple Watch lovers
• Comes in a nice giftbox
• Easy on and off docking with just one hand
• Works with the standard Apple Watch Magnetic Charger (Charger not included)
• Works with all combinations of Apple Watches and strap models
• Works with open or closed straps

The Tetra Nightstand not only turns your watch into an elegant bed side clock while you're not wearing it, but it also helps hide unsightly charging wires and lets you get full use of all the features in Nightstand mode.

Mounting: Simply feed your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable through the base (charging cable is not included).
Let the magnet fall into place and gently push the cable into the routs.


Colour: Olive wood (oiled)
Length: 6 cm
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Height: 8 cm
Quantity in box: 1 st
Weight per box: 0,150 kg
Material: Olive wood
Quantity in Retail Pack: 6

Care instructions

Care instructions

Cleaning: To care for your Tetra Nightstand, use warm water, a soft cloth and a mild soap.
Avoid using anything acidic or abrasive.