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Suction Dishcloth Hanger Suction Cup Fastener, Graphite Gray. Plastic
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Suction Dishcloth Hanger. Suction Cup Fastener Graphite Grey. Plastic

The Dishcloth Hanger/Sponge Cloth Hanger from Bosign is a functional and stylish hanger for your dishcloth.

• Discreet & Hygenic Dishcloth Storage
• Easy Access - Always Within Arm's Reach
• Rotatable Arm
• Strong Suction Cup For Sinks Or High-Gloss Tiles
• Prolongs The Life Of The Dishcloth
• Easy to Attach And Move, No Tools Needed

The hanger is designed with a moveable arm and is easily fastened with a strong suction cup in the sink.

The design of the holder enables discreet, hidden and hygienic storage of the dishcloth.
When storing you just hang it over the arm, which then is pushed against the sink wall. By storing the cloth on a hanger rather than letting it lie in the sink, you also avoid the risk of collecting bacteria in the cloth, plus you avoid bad odor.

The hanger can be easily moved when you clean or as needed.

Connect using the suction cup on smooth surfaces such as metal, high-gloss tile, or glass.


Colour: Graphite gray
Length: 18 cm
Width: 2 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Height: 6,5 cm
Quantity in box: 1 st
Weight per box: 0,062 kg
Material: Plastic
Quantity in Retail Pack: 12
Design: Jonathan Maltz

Care instructions

Care instructions

Products with suction cup fasteners can be fastened on smooth surfaces such as metal, high gloss tile or glass.

We recommend that before fastening, you clean both the suction cup and surface thoroughly with hot water or oil-free cleaning solution.

Dry both surfaces. Try to avoid fingerprints on the clean and dry surfaces.