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Single J-hook over drawer / cupboard, 2-pack White, Lacquered stainless steel
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Single J-hook over drawer / cupboard, 2 pack Lacquered stainless steel, White

This single hook can easily hang over the cupboard door or drawer in kitchen and bathroom for your towel / pot holder. Choose whether the hook will hang visibly on the outside or be hidden on the inside of the door.

The hooks can be mounted without glue, screws or drilling. Avoid ugly drill holes and move the hook easily whenever you want to.

The hangers have protective silicone film that keep the hooks in place and prevent scratches on the door/drawer.

Bosign’s J-hook has a simple graphic design in stainless steel that decorates the door in a functional way. It is also an elegant solution since the hanger is cut in one piece without soldering or welding.

With this smart J-hook you can use an unused door surface for extra storage space both at home and in the office, offering a practical storage solution.

Fits cupboard doors / drawer fronts with a depth of 0.8 inches / 20 mm.


Colour: White
Length: 1,6 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Height: 5,1 cm
Weight per box: 0,068 kg
Material: Lacquered stainless steel
Quantity in Retail Pack: 6

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