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Inflatable Foot Bath with handles Graphite Gray, Made from recycled vinyl (BPA-free)
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Inflatable Foot Bath with handle Graphite grey. Made from recycled vinyl (BPA free)

Revive tired achy feet with a soak in Bosign's unique Inflatable Foot Bath.

With specially designed soft pads in the bottom to make it extra comfortable, the air inside the actual walls of the foot bath both insulate and store the heat for longer. Unlike other foot baths on the market that are made of hard plastic, Bosign's foot bath is made from recycled soft vinyl (BPA free), so much kinder to both legs and feet.

• Soft & Comfy
• Space saving when not in use
• Portable, bring it on your trip
• Air insulated walls maintains the heat
• Integrated handles. Easy to carry to a place wherever you choose to sit down and relax
• Easy to clean
• Made From recycled vinyl (BPA-free)

As it is inflatable the foot bath takes up minimal space when it is not in use and it is very easy to clean, simply turn the bath inside out and rinse off. Plus, with its two sturdy two handles the foot bath is easy to carry, even when full with water, to wherever you choose to sit down and relax.

The foot bath can hold up to 1.3 gallons of water (see markings on the inside of the foot bath).

Gift tips: Becomes a wonderful gift, combine the foot bath with foot salt, a foot file and a magazine/book.


Colour: Graphite gray
Length: 38 cm
Width: 26 cm
Depth: 26 cm
Height: 20 cm
Volym: 5 l
Quantity in box: 1
Weight per box: 0,308 kg
Quantity in Retail Pack: 12
Material: Recycled vinyl
Design: Harald Hynell

Care instructions

Care instructions

For cleaning you just turn the foot bath inside out and rinse off.