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Dish Soap Pump & Sink Organiser Do-Dish™ Caddy COMPACT, White
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Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact. Dish Soap Pump & Sink Organiser Set. White

Would you like to have a clean and clutter free sink area? Wish you didn't have to bring out the bottle of detergent or didn't have to leave it on the counter top?
Stop struggling when you need to quickly dish a pot or your favorite coffee mug, Bosign’s Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact provides organised storage for a variety of washing-up equipment with an integrated dish soap dispenser for washing-up liquid. The innovative design of the Do-Dish™ pump enables easy one-handed operation freeing up your other hand to hold the item you would like to clean. With the Do-Dish™ pump you always have quick and easy access to just the right amount of dish soap directly on to the sponge or brush for a quick cleaning up in the kitchen. Just grab a sponge and simply press the lid of the dispenser to start washing-up. 

• Easy and quick access to dish soap, dish brush and sponge
• Space-saving, slim and neat design
• Organised storage that clears clutter around the sink
• Eco friendly – Smart dosage, reduce the consumption of detergent
• Concealed tray catches any excess drips. Tip the Caddy to empty water through the draining system on the side 
• Removable parts for easy cleaning
• Non-slip silicone feet keeps Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact secure in place
• Generous opening allows for quick, easy and spill free refills of detergent liquid
• Interchangeable parts for left or right placement options in sink area  
• Saves time, money and the environment
• Holds up to 7 oz / 200 ml washing up liquid
• Selected By The Ambiente Fair Jury For Ethical Style

The Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact stores and gives you easy access to everything you need for washing-up in one place. Save time and money with this environmental friendly sink organiser and detergent dosing pump.
With a clean and scandinavian design the detergent pump kit is based on the patented Do-Dish™ Dispenser making the washing-up even more convenient. With the concealed tray any excess drips are caught up, reducing the mess around the sink. When full tilt sideways to drain. Thanks to the clean shapes and the removable parts the Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact is easy to keep clean.
Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact works in any kitchen wether it’s at home, in the office or in the summer house.


Colour: White
Length: 18 cm
Width: 11 cm
Depth: 11 cm
Height: 11 cm
Volym: 0,2 l
Quantity in box: 1 pcs
Weight per box: 0,342 kg
Quantity in Retail Pack: 8 pcs
Material: PET
Material 2: Plastic

Care instructions

Care instructions

Fill the dish soap container with a dish soap of your choice
Add water to increase flow of soap
Press with brush or sponge to dispense dish soap
Clean dish soap container before refilling

Care: Wash by hand